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Spiritual Mentorship Programs

Fortune Telling Cards

First Friday Intuition Training (FFIT)


FREE monthly intuition training for anyone! 

Sign up for future FFIT's here

See all past FFIT's  on our Youtube Page

O'YES Intuition Training 

Group intuition training courses. Starting quarterly or as requested for groups of 4 or more. Live and recorded sessions that cover 

- How to connect with spirit

- Creating a spiritual lifestyle that actually works for your busy life

- Build spiritual confidence, make better decisions

- Find JOY!

Contact Natalie for more details, or click below for more details

OYES Spiritual Coaching

3 Months 1-on-1 coaching 

- Weekly calls, homework, and massive spiritual development.


- Learn how to go deeper than the surface with your spirituality and tap in on a whole new level


- Build Spiritual Confidence, really dig into your Spiritual Lifestyle, and form a fearless mindset to combat anything life throws at you.

Sound like a good fit? Lets chat! FREE 1 hour coaching call- sign up today!

Pop-up Spiritual Events 

Catch Natalie for special pop-up spiritual events both virtual and in person. 

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