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Natalie Thomas
Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, & Certified Healer

Hi there, if you don't know me, I am a professional Spiritual Mentor

A Mom

A Wife

A Lawyer

A Psychic Medium

A Podcaster

& Whole Family Spiritual Retreat Host

I am a busy mom who has unlocked Joy and truly found happiness even with 3 kids, a husband, multiple passions and a big extended family. I found joy and I am on a mission to help more moms find the same joy I have found, through developing their spirituality.

Your Family Psychic offer many ways to connect to your spirituality including:
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Psychic readings and mediumship sessions including child and teen readings

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Whole Family Spiritual Events & Retreats 

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Sound Healing
Energy Healing Energy Cleansing 

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Intuition Training

Spiritual Coaching

Mindful Coaching Spiritual Business Consulting

Sessions can be virtual or in person. We welcome all questions and will speak with anyone for a FREE coaching call and spiritual assessment. Please contact us for any personal queries

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